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Introducing Our Non-Profit: Magnolia Mental Health

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Our patients and friends know that we are always striving to improve our communities relationship with mental health. We are taking our next leap towards creating a community that supports mental health efforts for everyone through Magnolia Mental Health.

Our owner and founder, Danielle Lynch, has a passion for making mental health available and affordable for all.

"It has been my greatest honor since moving to Northeast Arkansas to serve our community. Renew is a community-based clinic, and Magnolia Mental Health will remain the same. Our community is filled with amazing people who want to make mental health available to everyone."

Our Mission

Magnolia Mental Health is a non-profit aimed to make mental health care affordable for all patients in our community. It is our goal to continue raising awareness and to provide access to mental health services in our community. In collaboration with Renew Mental Health and Wellness, we will continue to work towards #endingthestigma that surrounds mental health. We strive to create safe spaces where community members can feel comfortable seeking mental health assistance.

Current ways to donate to Magnolia Mental Health

  1. Sign up for Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is FREE to you. For every eligible purchase made, Amazon will donate money to the Magnolia Mental Health. To learn about how to sign up, view our blog post: Turn On Amazon Smile

  2. Buy a Magnolia Mental Health hoodie. With in office screen printing, over 80 percent of the proceeds go directly towards providing mental health care for a person in the community. The link to sign up for a sweatshirt:

  3. Donate directly to Venmo -Venmo: @magnoliamh22

Thank you

It is with great appreciation that we thank each and every one of you for continuing to promote mental health awareness and availability in our community. The voices, donations, and lives of all of you are greatly valued and appreciated.

Danielle Lynch

Founder Magnolia Mental Health + Renew Mental Health and Wellness

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1 Comment

Feb 28

Absolutely the most easy going mental health process I have experienced. My mental health professional KEIAH HUNT, takes pride in her profession. She listens to what I have to say and makes me feel comfortable. I have experienced many MHP’s in my life, and she has been the best off the best!

Thank you all for doing whatever it takes to help people.


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